C900 Rack

Ecoline C900 Rack gas analyzer
  • Ecoline C900 Rack gas analyzer

C900 Rack

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The C900 Rack analyzer is the instrument dedicated to the continuous measurement of industrial emissions, with further versatility of use thanks to the rack structure ideal for research and development environments. With the aid of NDIR technology and electrochemical technology, it is able to measure various gases deriving from combustion or transformation processes.

Technical specifications

19’’ /4 HE / 400 mm - ~ 6,8 Kg
Power supply
90 .. 264 Vac 50..60Hz
TFT Graphic color 4.3''
15 pre-loaded + 32 more user programmable
Standard compliant
EN 50379-1, EN 50379-2, UNI 10389-1
Suction and second gas dilution pump withdrawn


The sensors of the C900 Rack are thermally compensated to avoid measurement deviations caused by temporary thermal variations. The 19” rack structure of this analyzer and the 4 rubber feet, supplied as standard, make it versatile both for use in standard cabinets and for use in the laboratory for tests or for research and development. It is suitable for carrying out long-term measurements as there is an automatic switching system which allows both the gas sensors and the pressure sensor used for draft or differential pressure measurements to be reset. Of significant importance is the presence of a gas cooling system which allows a rapid separation of the water present in the fumes from the gas molecules; this prevents the gas from dissolving in the water and not being measured by the sensors.

The C900 Rack analyzer can be used in many sectors. Here are some examples: industrial burners, cogeneration groups, turbines, ovens, analysis and research laboratories, biogas plants, incinerators, cement factories and in general wherever it is necessary to measure and document gaseous emissions in accordance with the regulations in force, with the need to make continuous measurements.