OL S400

Ecoline OL S400 fixed gas analyzer
  • Ecoline OL S400 fixed gas analyzer
Multi gas

OL S400

Fixed Gas Analyzers for continuous measurement

  • Up to 4 sensors
  • Integrated sampling system with Peltier condenser for continuous operation
  • RS232, RS485, Alarm relay output
  • Ethernet Output

Technical specifications

0°C ÷ 55°C
240mm x 360mm x 160mm - 4kg ÷ 5kg
Work temperature
T: 10°C ÷ 50°C, RH: 5% ÷ 90% (non-condensing)
Degree of protection
Backlit LCD | 20 characters x 4 lines
30W max


The ECOline OL S100..400 gas analyzer was developed for continuous operation and therefore can be installed close to the process. The four models differ in the number of sensors installed inside (S100 1 gas, S200 2 gas, S300 3 gas and S400 4 gas) which can be selected between electrochemical or NDIR for measuring pollutants.

The analyzer is built with parts sized for heavy use and therefore suitable for long-term applications in industrial environments without the need for frequent maintenance. Typical applications are in biogas plants, landfills, greenhouses, incinerators, combustion and in the safety field. The analog outputs can be combined with digital outputs also for network connection. It is possible to set cyclical operations with data storage on the SD card.