Official Italian partner

In addition to sales, we are able to offer you a certified assistance service for your Additel instruments. Our laboratory staff is constantly training to offer you the best possible support!

We are in possession of the official procedures, provided by the parent company, to carry out any type of intervention (even under warranty). Thanks to our network, we are also able to certify all the brand's tools.

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We verify the status of your instrument with specific functionality tests


We will send you a free detailed estimate with all the interventions that should be carried out


After confirmation, we carry out the intervention on your instrument


We offer the Accredia calibration service ISO:9001


Our strengths

E Instruments provides technical assistance (also under warranty) on all Additel instruments and is able to issue calibration certificates.

Tight deadlines and availability

When we receive your confirmation we proceed with the planned activity following the highest quality standards in a few days.

High quality and competitive prices

The entire activity cycle is constantly monitored by our technicians and adapted to customer needs, maintaining competitive prices.

Annual maintenance contracts

For all customers who need support over time, we have maintenance contracts at a fixed annual cost, which guarantee quality work.

Certificate of calibration

We are able to offer Accredia or ISO:9001 certifications for instruments repaired or forwarded to us for assistance.