Ecoline C900 gas analyzer
  • Ecoline C900 gas analyzer
Multi gas


Up to 12 Gases

The C900 industrial analyzer is able to measure and memorize the amount of gaseous emissions during the operating cycle of industrial plants; it can also calculate the efficiency of the machines during combustion processes.

Technical specifications

Temperature/measure field
Gas, combustion air, external air and other auxiliary temperatures
Power supply
From internal lithium ion batteries or from 90 .. 260 Vac mains
Pressure measurement
Positive, negative and differential
Bluetooth® class 1
11 pre-loaded + 16 more user programmable
Standard compliant
EN 50379-1, EN 50379-2, UNI 10389-1
Suction and second gas dilution pump withdrawn


The analyzer looks like a suitcase, easy to transport and perfectly organized to contain all the instrumentation necessary for the analyses. C900 is capable of up to 12 simultaneous gas measurements, with 9 single measurement sensors and an infrared bench (NDIR) for CO/CO2/CxHy. It has a gas sample aspiration pump and a second dilution pump; it can carry out measurements of gas temperature, combustion air, external air and other auxiliary temperatures and measurements of positive, negative and differential pressure. It can be used with gas sampling probes of various sizes and lengths, and probes with heated head and tube. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the collected data can be analyzed via PC, tablet or smartphone with the Chemist Smart Analysis app.

The C900 is covered by a 12-month warranty, which also includes sensors and printer.

The Chemist 900 analyzer has multiple fields of use. Some examples are industrial burners, cogeneration groups, turbines, ovens, analysis laboratories and in general wherever it is necessary to measure and document gaseous emissions in compliance with the regulations in force, with the need to carry out prolonged measurement campaigns.