Chauvin Arnoux CA6651 electrical test adapter
  • Chauvin Arnoux CA6651 electrical test adapter


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Test adapter for electric vehicle charging stations

  • Selection and simulation of vehicle status (CP - Control Pilot signal)
  • Selection and simulation of charging currents from 13 to 63 A (PP signal - Proximity Pilot)
  • Terminal for checking signal status (CP)
  • Preliminary PE test to verify the presence of dangerous voltages on the PE conductor

Technical specifications

150x83x77 mm - 850 g
EN 61851-1 / EN 60364-7-722
EN 61010-1, pollution degree 2, CAT II 300V


Specially designed for testing electric vehicle charging stations, the 6651 AC test adapter is very simple to use: interfacing in series with the terminal output, it provides access to various measurement points on the Type 2 to carry out all the necessary electrical tests.

First of all, the CA 6651 device allows you to:
- Perform a functional test to check the presence of the phases and the connection between the protective conductor (PE) and the earth.
- Check the electrical safety of charging stations for electric vehicles in conjunction with a multifunction controller (e.g. the CA 6117, CA 6131, CA 6133 or MX 535 devices): Mains power test, connection check to earth, RCD test, insulation measurement. The AC 6651 test adapter also checks the correct functioning of the charging station by simulating all possible states of the electric vehicle: connected, not connected, charging, etc.

To ascertain the effective transmission of the signal between the column and the adapter, it is necessary to have a HandScope-type oscilloscope (signal waveform, amplitude, pulse width, etc.).