Chauvin Arnoux CA6522 insulation and continuity tester
  • Chauvin Arnoux CA6522 insulation and continuity tester


1kV insulation meter

Insulation and continuity tester

  • Test voltage 10 V to 1000 V / 200 GΩ
  • Manual mode, lock, timer and PI / DAR reports
  • Visual indication (red / green) of pass / fail
  • 200 mA / 20 mA continuity with active protection without fuse

Technical specifications

211 x 108 x 60 mm - 850 g
Degree of protection
IP 54 / IK 04
Power supply
6 LR6 (AA) batteries / 5 min, can be deactivated
2 x 4000 pts + logarithmic bar graph
IEC 61557 parts 1, 2, 4 and 10
IEC 61326 - 1 / IEC 61010 - 1 e IEC 61010 - 2 - 030, 600 V CAT IV


Compact and light in size, the new C.A 652x & C.A 653x are user-friendly and offer greater comfort to the user:

- Box designed in compliance with a safety category of 600V - CAT IV and a protection index IP54/IK04, for easy gripping in maximum safety with easy access to the TEST button, even when the user wears insulating gloves

- Magnetic support to fix the instrument on a metal surface, thus leaving the user free of his movements while taking measurements and reading the result.

- Large backlit display with double digital display and logarithmic bargraph, secondary display which shows in real time, in addition to the measured value, the real test voltage, the test current and the timer value.

- Remote control with luminous spot, for perfect identification of the measurement points even in poorly lit environments.