1200 Series

Additel 1200 Series temperature calibrator
  • Additel 1200 Series temperature calibrator
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1200 Series


Type S Thermocouple

  • Affordable Reference Standard
  • Type S
  • Short-term Stability: <0.2°C at 1084.62°C
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 1300°C

Technical specifications

Temperature/measure field
from 0°C to 1300°C
Type S: Platinum/10% Rhodium vs. Platinum
Long Term Drift
<0.5°C at 1210°C after 1 year typical usage
Short Term
<0.2°C at 1084.62°C
Diameter of Thermocouple Wire
0.02 in (0.5 mm)


The AM1210 Reference Standard Type S Thermocouple is made from reference grade platinum and platinum-rhodium alloy. It covers a temperature range from 0°C to 1300°C with a short term stability of <0.2°C all the way to the Freezing Point of Copper (1084.62°C). It is commonly used as a reference standard to calibrate industrial thermocouples.

All thermocouple wires and parts are specially cleaned and annealed before assembly. Every AM1210 thermocouple is fully annealed and tested again after assembly to meet the tolerance criteria as specified below: E(tCu)=10.575 ±0.015 E(tAl)=5.860+0.37(E(tCu)-10.575) ±0.005 E(tZn)=3.447+0.18(E(tCu)-10.575) ±0.005