Ecil TCS temperature calibrator
  • Ecil TCS temperature calibrator
Calibration ovens


from -25 to 1200 °C liquid insert

Portable and Laboratory Calibration Oven and Bath

  • 3 Models : TCS140 BT from -50amb to +140°C, TCS650 MT up to +650°C, TCS1200 HT up to +1200°C
  • Stability up to 0.02°C
  • RS485 interface
  • 17025 calibration certificate

Technical specifications

340 x 300 x 170 mm - as far as 13.6 Kg (30.0 lb)
Measurements Units
°C or °F / ITS90
Heating speed
from -30°C to 1100°C
Cooling speed
from 140°C to 800°C
Wells depth
as far as 157 mm


The MaxiCal Temp series is designed to verify and calibrate temperature sensors, thermometers and process transmitters both in the laboratory and in the field. All three available models are fast, high stability and uniformity, easy to use temperature calibrators.

The temperature parameter represents the most important factor to satisfy quality, operational safety and reliability of industrial processes. Thermocouples, RTDs and any other temperature sensor, if installed in an industrial process, are subjected to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses which accelerate their aging.

It is therefore a recommended procedure to inspect, check and calibrate each sensor during the commissioning phase and regularly and at scheduled time intervals. The MaxiCal Temp temperature source finds applications in the controls and calibration of: Thermocouples, RTDs, Temperature Transmitters, Thermostats, Glass Thermometers and NTC/PTC.