Temp Basic

MaxiCAL Temp Basic temperature calibrator
  • MaxiCAL Temp Basic temperature calibrator
Calibration ovens

Temp Basic

-24 a 650 °C Basic

Interchangeable inserts

  • Multi-hole insertion tubes
  • New forced air ventilation system to reduce heating and cooling times
  • Circuit Breaker Test/Ramp Programming
  • Easy keyboard recalibration, compact and lightweight, rugged
  • Very fast heating/cooling time
  • 110/220 Vac Universal operation

Technical specifications

Temperature/measure field
-24 to 125°C; Tamb to 375°C; Tamb to 650°C
130x260x280 mm - as far as 6Kg
110/220 Vac


The Eigroup basic series are innovative dry block calibrators specially designed for field application, robust and able to maintain high accuracy and stability in severe conditions such as offshore platforms and on board ships. These self contained drives are very compact, portable and are probably the lightest drive available on the market. The innovative forced air ventilation significantly shortens the cool-down time and prevents the sensors under test from being exposed to excessive heating.

The basic series consists of 3 models covering a temperature range from – 24 (@20 Deg˚ C) to 650 ˚C The Eigroup control technology guarantees extremely fast setting time and offers excellent absolute temperature stability and from good to good uniformity. The ramp function allows you to calibrate the temperature loop by monitoring the temperature in the control rooms while the calibrator automatically generates temperature.

These units offer an electrical switch test input along with a fully programmable ramp, temperature test switch so no other auxiliary units are needed. TEMP base MTL and MT only weights 6KG, with dimension of only 130x280x260mm but still offer a large block capacity of 26x150mm immersion depth.

Multi-hole inserts are available to accommodate a variety of probe sizes, and the large test well (26mm) ensures that multiple sensors can be tested simultaneously. TEMP BATCH base only weighs 4.9 Kg and features 2 wells with replaceable inserts - The elements and high efficiency peltier block design ensures a very quick heat up and cool down time