Maximize safety with E Instruments gas detectors: advanced solutions for every type of environment

E Instruments presents a complete range of gas detectors that guarantee safety and protection for every type of environment: from confined spaces with risk of oxygen deficiency to risk areas of explosivity or with exposure to toxic gases, our devices are essential to prevent serious accidents and safeguard the life of the operator (PPE).

Specific detection to limit risk

These devices are designed to identify and quantify various hazardous gases, offering targeted solutions depending on the specific risk. Some examples:

  • Oxygen (O2)
    In confined spaces oxygen levels can rapidly decrease, leading to life-threatening situations. Our detectors are essential for monitoring these interventions, guaranteeing a timely alarm in case of oxygen levels that are too low.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Carbon Monoxide (CO)
    These toxic gases are common in many environments, especially in chemical, mining or steel mill industries. Their presence, often imperceptible to the human sense of smell, can become lethal. Our gas detectors are calibrated to identify them with high precision, triggering immediate alarms to prevent poisoning.
  • Methane (CH4), LPG, LEL and Hydrogen (H2)
    These are highly flammable gases present in environments such as petrochemical plants and gas depots. Their ability to form explosive mixtures in the presence of air requires continuous monitoring to prevent accidents. Our detectors are essential for promptly detecting dangerous levels of these gases, triggering alarms that allow immediate safety interventions.


Single-gas and multi-gas detectors

Find out how our gas detectors guarantee safety and protection: from single gas detection to the integrated multigas solution, we offer alarm devices cutting edgefor every need.

The single-gas detectors are devices specialized in the detection of a single type of gas.
Compact, easy to use and low maintenance, these instruments are often used to monitor gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulphide (H2S) or oxygen (O2), known for their risks in confined environments.

For situations that require broader surveillance, the multigas detectors offer an integrated solution. With the ability to monitor multiple gases simultaneously, these devices are vital for safety in places such as refineries, treatment plants, chemical or solvent industries.

Portable and fixed solutions

In addition to the distinction between single-gas and multi-gas detectors, it is also important to consider the difference between portable and fixed devices.

The portable detectors are designed to be easily transportable, allowing users to easily and precisely monitor the presence of specific gases in various environments. These devices are particularly useful for temporary inspections or monitoring in spaces where flexibility and mobility are essential.

On the other hand, the fixed detectors provide a robust solution for continuous gas monitoring at strategic points. They are ideal for installation in specific sites where constant surveillance is required, such as manufacturing plants or laboratories, offering reliable security against potential threats arising from the presence of dangerous gases.


Safety guaranteed with E Instruments

E Instruments gas detectors are more than just devices: they are a promise of safety and peace of mind.

For the ECOline line by E Instruments, we have selected only professional instruments< /strong>, ranging from single-gas to multi-gas detectors, offering superior performance and reliability in both portable and fixed versions.

For portable measurements, E Instruments offers:

  • SGD Clip. A reliable and easy to use detector, ideal for detecting a single type of gas. It is available for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO) or oxygen (O2). After activation, the model has a lifespan of approximately 2 years.
  • Gasman: Compact and resistant, it stands out for its interchangeable sensor which makes it extremely versatile and capable of monitoring a wide range of gases. It is the best performing single gas detector, thanks to the possibility of recharging.
  • T4: Robustness and performance comes together in this multi-gas detector, ensuring protection from the four main gas risks: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), flammable gases and oxygen depletion (O2). Ideal for confined spaces and general uses.
  • Gas-Pro: Designed for confined spaces, it detects up to 5 gases in a compact and robust solution capable of withstanding daily use in critical environments over time. Optional there is also the possibility of equipping it with the internal suction pump.
  • Gas -Pro IR, Gas-Pro PID and Gas-Pro TK: These are variants that include infrared detection, photoacoustic ionization and the ability to detect toxic gases; these devices represent the frontier of gas detection. They are strictly suitable for VOCs, in environments with the use of glues, solvents or paints.
  • Detective+: Multigas monitor sturdy, water and shock resistant for temporary areas. Ideal for use in turnaround/shutdown procedures, hot work maintenance, confined space entry work and many other utility, construction and oil and gas industry applications.


For fixed applications, E Instruments offers solutions such as:

  • Xgard: Reliable detector and durable for a wide range of hazardous gases, easy to install and maintain; offers three different types of sensors so you can choose exactly what you need for your site.
  • Xgard Bright: Innovative fixed gas detector with high visibility display and high performance; it can be used as a fixed point detector or to lower installation costs, addressable, on communication bus, with 4-wire connection, thus drastically reducing wiring.
  • IRmax: Gas detector Compact, low-power and very robust infrared gas, offering fast and safe operation detection of methane, butane, propane and many other hydrocarbon gases and vapors.
  • Gasflag and Gasmaster: Centralized control systems that offer a complete overview and management of multiple alarms, for optimal control of the environment.


Each product is designed to offer the maximum in terms of performance and reliability, and our team of specialists is always available to help you select the detector best suited to your specific needs.

Thanks to our internal laboratory, we are able to carry out recalibrations, calibrations and repairs of all the devices offered in the range!

Investment in these technologies not only enhances work operations, but above all safeguards lives.

Don't wait for an accident to underline the importance of a safe environment; explore E Instruments options today and take the step towards a more peaceful tomorrow.