Gas-Pro TK

Crowcon Gas-Pro TK gas detector
  • Crowcon Gas-Pro TK gas detector
Multi gas

Gas-Pro TK

%LEL Tanks

Our Gas-Pro TK is a specialized tank monitor, perfect for customers who want to purge, free, or maintain storage and transport tanks thanks to its auto switching dual range IR sensor technology.

Technical specifications

43 x 130 x 84mm (1.7 x 5.1 x 3.3in) - 340g (11.9oz)
Rechargeable Li-ion, 13 hours of typical operation (4 sensors, pump running); Typical charge time 7.5 hours
Relative humidity
10 to 95% RH non-condensing
Degree of protection
Independently tested for IP65 and IP67
Data Logging
125 hours in 10 second intervals (45,000 logs)
FCC and CE. Complies with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, EN50270 and EMC FFC CFR 47 Part 15, ICES-003
Audible, visual, vibrating alarm


The Gas-Pro TK Portable Dual Range Monitor measures the concentration of flammable gas in inert tanks. Available for methane, butane and propane, Gas-Pro TK uses a dual IR sensor - the best technology for this specialized environment, which means Gas-Pro TK dual IR:

  • Auto-ranges toggle between %vol and %LEL measurement, so you always operate at the correct parameter.
  • Measures gas in high concentration %vol and %LEL, which individual IR sensors cannot
  • Not inhibited by high hydrocarbon concentrations unlike the catalytic ball sensor

Gas-Pro TK keeps you updated on the oxygen concentrations in the tank, telling you when the oxygen levels are;

  • Low enough to load and store fuel safely;
  • High enough for safe entry into the tank.

Tanks can be sampled quickly from their top, middle or bottom, thanks to an integrated pump that draws samples through a line up to 30 meters long.

Offering the detection of up to five gases in a compact and rugged solution, the Gas-Pro TK has an easy-to-read display, combining ease of use and user-focused features. Weighing in at 340g, it's light enough to clip to a belt or overalls, so it's easy for the technician to keep it with him throughout his working day.