IRtech Radiamatic IR10 Fixed Laser Pyrometer
  • IRtech Radiamatic IR10 Fixed Laser Pyrometer
  • IRtech Radiamatic IR10 Fixed Laser Pyrometer


Fixed Pyrometer with Compact Head (4-20mA)

The IRtech Radiamatic IR10 and IR12 series are infrared thermometers with split technology (electronics separated from the sensor) with compact head also available with 2-wire 4-20mA output.

  • Temperature range up to 1600°C
  • M12 x 28mm compact head
Temperature range:
Max head temperature:
Response time:

Technical specifications

Temperature/measure field
From -50°C to 1600°C
±1% or ±1°C o ±0.3% or ±1°C
Optical resolution
Up to 75:1
Response time
From 8mS to 150mS
Room temperature
Up to 125°C without cooling
From -40°C to +85°C
Spectral band
8-14μm 1,6μm 2,3μm
Adjustable between 0.100 - 1.100
Work temperature
From -20 to see table 10-95% RH non-condensing
Vibrations & Shocks
IEC 68-2-6: 3G. 11-200Hz, any axis; IEC 68-2-27: 50G, 11mS, any axis
Degree of protection
IP65 (NEMA-4)
Analog output
4-20mA 2 wires programmable via USB
Digital output
Standard Serial / Optional USB; Open collector output for alarm
Power supply
5-30V 4-20mA max 1000 ohm 2 wires
Peak hold, valley hold, average
Test. Max
From 85°C to 180°C


They use a powerful microprocessor to process the signal with very fast and stable response time. They can work in analogue or digital mode even simultaneously.

The analog output is programmable 0-5/10 V (IR12) or 4-20 mA (IR10).

In digital mode it is possible to connect it via serial to a PLC or via the USB cable to the PC. Through this interface you can use the IR settings software to change all parameters including emissivity, average and peak picker. A short wavelength model for high temperature industrial applications is also available.

Including Advanced Signal Processor, including emissivity setting.