Chauvin Arnoux FTV500 electric photovoltaic test
  • Chauvin Arnoux FTV500 electric photovoltaic test


Photovoltaic test

5 in 1 multifunction for photovoltaic system control and maintenance

  • Optical bonding touch screen display
  • 5 measurements in 1 instrument
  • Management and creation of reports directly from the instrument
  • Remote unit with Wi-Fi technology (irradiance / temperature)

Technical specifications

Instrument: Wi-Fi transmission and remote management VNC (Virtual Network Computing), USB; Remote unit: Wi-Fi transmission
Instrument: 340 x 300 x 200 mm / about 6 Kg; Remote unit: 160 x 120 x 63 mm / approx. 1 Kg
Degree of protection
Power supply
Instrument: rechargeable Li-Ion batteries from 100-240V 50-60Hz mains / 15 hours in stand-by (programmable); Remote unit: mains rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with USB cable / 15 hours in stand-by
TFT 16.7M color with Optical Bonding technology, touch screen, size 5”, resolution 800x480
EN62446, EN60891, EN60904-5, EN61557-2, EN61557-4, CEI82-25, CEI64-8, EN61724
Programmable internal database sites, plants, companies, modules, measurements, with autonomy tree structure: over 10,000 positions for measures, 600,000 positions for logging function
Double insulation, EN61010-1, from Cat. II 1000V to Cat. IV 600V depending on the size used


The PHOTOVOLTAIC-TEST FTV500 is a measuring instrument designed to meet all the needs of technicians and professionals during the installation, testing and maintenance phases of photovoltaic systems.

This instrument is able to simultaneously measure and analyze all the characteristic parameters of both single-phase and three-phase systems (3 DC clamps + 3 AC clamps), according to the international standards in force.

The unlimited measurement memory, the datalogger function for plant monitoring campaigns, the remote control through Virtual Network Computing technology, allow the PHOTOVOLTAIC-TEST FTV500 to be in effect a portable field instrument, but also a complete system for your periodic maintenance campaigns.