Chauvin Arnoux CA5292 multimeter
  • Chauvin Arnoux CA5292 multimeter


Advanced Digital Multimeter

Multimeter/logger with color graphic display

  • Optimized reading
  • Up to 30,000 storable and directly accessible measurements [Mem key]
  • Power supply via USB charger

Technical specifications

Optical USB connector and Bluetooth interface (optional) – SX-DMM software and ANDROID application
Power supply
USB charger or 4 AA or Ni-MH batteries
Dimensions (L x W x H): 196x90x47.1 mm – Weight: 570 g
3 years
Backlit color graphic display (70x52) on black background, 100,000 dots, divided into 4 areas
Safety/Electromagnetic Compatibility
Safety according to EN61010-1 EN 61010-2-033 1.000 V-CAT III /600 V CAT IV EMC according to EN 61326-1
Environmental characteristics
Storage temp.: -20°C to +70°C – Operating temp.: 0°C to +40°C


Suitable as both portable and benchtop devices, ASYC IV multimeters are simple and intuitive to use. The measurement to be carried out is clearly represented in the form of pictograms on the selection keys which allow direct access to the functions. The display allows you to consult the measurement results both in the form of numerical values ​​and as graphs that represent the trend of the measurements over time. The measured values ​​can also be displayed as traces, with the possibility of positioning the cursors and zooming in on a section of the recorded curve.

The device has an integrated help (in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish) which provides all the information on the measurements in progress. For data transfer to PC, recording and programming with Labview/LabWindows drivers it is sufficient to activate USB or Bluetooth communication. Once the instrument is connected to the PC, it is possible to update the internal software by accessing the website ("Loader" program).