Timage Connect

IRtech Timage Connect software
  • IRtech Timage Connect software
  • IRtech Timage Connect software

Timage Connect

Fixed Thermal Camera Software

  • Configuration Automatic or manual scaling of the measuring range
  • Selectable and definable software layouts
  • Language-translation-tool
  • Adjustable measuring parameters : Emissivity 0.10 - 1.00
  • Background radiation compensation
  • Reference temperature Measurement Modes Flexible spots and measurement fields with automatic calculation of MAX, MIN or AVG values


Automatic HOT-spot- and COLD-spotfinder Temperature profiles Isotherm exposition Reference function (with external sensor) Linescanning modes Image presentation 11 color palettes Color reference bar Histogram Digital display of measuring field temperatures (with alarm signal) Video control (play, pause, stop, detail screen forward & backward) Full screen mode Video recording Realtime video recording (radiometric) with 50 Hz (adjustable) Video editing tools Snapshot saving (radiometric JPG).