MaxiCAL PGS1000 pressure calibrator
  • MaxiCAL PGS1000 pressure calibrator
Clamp pumps


1000 Bar Hydraulics

  • Range 0 to 1000 bar
  • Oil or Water operated
  • High Pressure/Priming Selection
  • Precise fine adjustment valve and controlled Vent
  • Supplied with test hose

Technical specifications

0 to 1000 bar/15000 psi
approx. 270 x 160 x 120 mm (without test hose) - approx. 1.3 kg (without test hose)
Aluminium, brass, ABS, Plexiglas, NBR
Test hose
1 mt high pressure flexible hose, detachable ( other length available on request)


The PGS1000 is an high pressure and hand operated hydraulic test pump capable to generate calibration pressures up to 1000 bar/15000 PSI.

The unique priming/high pressure selector allow for easy generation of the top pressure even when calibrating with large volume.

The PGS1000 high pressure hydraulic test pump is supplied as standard with our special HTH-1000 high pressure flexible hose, which feature an operating pressure of 1500 bar and a bust pressure of 2500 bar.

The PGS1000 hydraulic calibration hand pump can be used as a portable pressure calibrator in conjunction with our range of Digital Test Gauge or Analogue Manometers . It offers fine control and a unique priming/high pressure selector switch​.