ADT 793

Additel ADT 793 pressure calibrator
  • Additel ADT 793 pressure calibrator

ADT 793

Hydraulic Pressure Controller

New Generation Pressure Calibrator Controller

  • Fields up to 1000bar
  • Minimum field form 200Bar, up to 7 digits
  • Two removable internal pressure modules
  • Double setting range for each module
  • Control stability of 0.005%FS, typical 0.003%FS
  • Very high-speed pressure generation and control (<30 seconds)
  • Modular design for easy maintenance, significantly reducing downtime on site
  • 17025 NVLAP (LAT) Calibration Certificate

Technical specifications

0.02%FS, 0.01%FS o 0.01%Rdg
Large 7" color touch screen display
Communication protocol Emulation 780, Pace, DPI
Automation Functions
Pressure switch, test, leak test, PSV test, etc.
Pressure connection
Optional barometric pressure module


The Additel 793 pressure regulator combines the latest control/measurement technology, modular design, and easy-to-use/service features into one intuitive user device. The Additel 793 provides pressure control up to 1,000 bar (15,000 psi). For users requiring automated manufacturing, testing and calibration, Additel has the workload covered with this pressure regulator. The ADT793 accepts an ADT151 dual range pressure module in addition to a barometric pressure module. This allows the user to quickly cover a wide range of pressures.

Scope includes:

  • Automatic Pressure Calibrator (without modules)
  • Ethernet port, USB, RS232 (Wifi Bluetooth GPBI opt.)
  • 220V power cable
  • Instruction manual