Serie 210

Sauermann Series 210 portable instrument
  • Sauermann Series 210 portable instrument
Multi parameter

Serie 210

Dedicated Multiprobe

Temperature range:


Thermohygrometer Anemometer Multi-parametric instrument, with backlit graphic display, 2 input channels for measurement probes and temperature probes DESCRIPTION PT100, data output via PC and external infrared printer .

A multi-channel thermometer is used in a variety of different fields. It can measure surface, air and core temperatures. Kimo's TM 210 differential thermometer is a versatile 6-channel thermometer that has 2 channels dedicated to Pt100 probes and 4 channels for thermocouple inputs.
Other features: interchangeable measurement modules, up to 6 simultaneous measurements, wide graphic display, calibration report.

The HQ 210, with its climate conditions module, measures CO2, humidity and temperature.
Other features: humidity measurement, up to 6 measurements simultaneous, large graphic display, interchangeable measurement modules, calibration report.

The MP 210 micromanometer from Kimo measures pressure, wind speed, air flow, temperature, velocity, gas leaks and carbon monoxide (up to 6 measurements simultaneous).
Other features: pressure, speed and flow rate measurement, interchangeable modules, up to 6 simultaneous measurements, large graphic display, calibration report.