Serie P700

Dostmann P700 Series portable instrument
  • Dostmann P700 Series portable instrument
Single parameter

Serie P700

Precision thermometers


Technical specifications

Temperature/measure field
from -200°C to +850°C
200 x 93 x 44 mm (LxBxH) - 350 g; P790: 200 x 93 x 44 mm (LxWxH) - 600 g; P795: 200 x 85 x 40 mm (LxWxH) - 300 g
Battery life
appr. 20 h
Work temperature
from 0°C to +40°C
9 V battery; P790: 9 V battery or altern­ative 230/​110V power supply


The univer­sally applic­able process-controlled hand-held instru­ments, Series P700, are ideal for meas­uring oper­a­tions in which high accuracy counts or the possib­ility of online docu­ment­a­tion is demanded.

The two multi-func­tion-instru­ments are outstanding for theri high accuracy of ±0,03°C. You can optional plug in Pt100 or ther­mo­couple (type J, K, L, N, R, S, T), as well as probes for humidity and flow. The high preci­sion makes them emin­ently suit­able as refer­ence instru­ments for testing subor­dinate meas­uring instru­ments in quality assur­ance labor­at­ories or for checking temper­ature- crit­ical processes. These instru­ments are frequently provided with a DKD calib­ra­tion certi­ficate.

The P790-series instru­ments provide different calib­ra­tion possib­il­ities for the connect­able Pt100, ther­mo­couplea and humidity probes. The easiest and most convenient way is to use our Smart probes with Eprom. The calib­ra­tion coef­fi­cients (R0ABC) will auto­mat­ic­ally transfer from the probe to the instru­ment. The user has nothing to do except for turning on the instru­ment. Calib­ra­tion coef­fi­cients of the Smart probes are calcu­lated at 0°C, 75°C and 150°C as standard. On request we can provide further calib­ra­tion points.