Serie LX

Sauermann LX Series portable instrument
  • Sauermann LX Series portable instrument
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Serie LX


Measurement ranges:


Equipped with an integrated silicon photodiode light sensor, the Kimo LX 50 measures light levels.
Other features: easy to use, equipped with Hold function, with built-in probe, automatic shutdown after 20 minutes, equipped with calibration report.

The Kimo LX 100 portable luxmeter is designed to measure the luminous intensity of lux or foot candles.
Other features: Pause function to eliminate any unrepresentative lighting , measurement relative to a reference point, sensing element in the silicon photodiode (spectral reactivity according to the CIE photon curve), with calibration report.

The Kimo LX 200 luxmeter is a portable luxmeter designed for measuring light intensity.
Other features: instantaneous illumination, relative illumination, illuminance cartography , calculation of the mean/min ratio for the determination of the uniformity of the illumination, equipped with calibration report and software LLX200.