MaxiCAL TRX multifunction calibrator
  • MaxiCAL TRX multifunction calibrator


Multifunction calibrator

Multifunction process calibrators

  • Loop power supply 24V PS
  • Simultaneous Measurement and Generation for transmitter calibration
  • Backlit graphic LCD
  • Rugged with rubber shell
  • Easy to use with setting digit-by-digit generation

Technical specifications

from -20 to 55°C
86x155x43mm with rubber shell - 340 g
Relative humidity
85 % non-condensing
Work temperature
from 0 to 50°C
Degree of protection
IP 54
Power supply
Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack. Life : 8 hours
Measurements Units
K, F, °C


The new TRX calibrator is the most multifunctional compact available on the market. It was designed using the most advanced technologies of the latest generation such as batteri and LiION, that you don't they self-download and then leave the calibrator always ready to use even after some time, and the slot for the SD Memory Card that allows to use the calibrator as a data precision loggers. The ability to measure and generate simultaneously allows the calibration of sensors, indicators, regulators, valves, recorders and also temperature transmitters. The integrated power supply allows you to work independently both on active and passive loops. The e thermocouples can be used both with internal reference junction what an external.