626CH Generic

Fixed thermal image camera Fotric 626CH
  • Fixed thermal image camera Fotric 626CH

626CH Generic

Autonomous Fixed Thermal Camera

Fixed Mount Online Cameras

  • Temperature range: from -20°C to 2000°C
  • Use: Generic
  • Video resolution: 384x288
  • NETD: 0.50°C
  • Operation: Autonomous
  • Focus: Autofocus

Technical specifications

Temperature/measure field
From -20°C to 2000°C
From -40℃ to 70℃
Spectral band
112*68*60 (without lens); 485 (without lens or base)
Relative humidity
Vibrations & Shocks
2g,GB/T 2423.10-2008 | IEC 60068-2-6:2007
Degree of protection
Power supply
12V/24V DC, PoE
Thermal resolution
Thermal Sensitivity
< 50mk


The Fotric 626CH is an advanced portable thermal imager, designed for professionals working in the electrical, oil, gas and manufacturing sectors. With a thermal resolution of 384x288 and a NETD sensitivity of 50 mK, the 626CH offers extremely detailed and precise thermal images.

Laser-assisted autofocus ensures accurate captures, while interchangeable lenses offer maximum flexibility for different applications. The powerful AnalyzIR software allows for in-depth thermal analysis and detailed report generation.

WiFi connectivity allows for rapid data import for immediate analysis and reporting. Ideal for building inspections, electrical maintenance, oil and gas, and manufacturing, the Fotric 626CH is the perfect choice for those seeking precision and reliability in thermal inspections.

  • It supports a wide variety of configurations, respecting every scenario
  • Supports radiometric video output, providing reliable temperature data for analysis
  • Maximum temperature range expandable up to 2000°C
  • Complies with multiple data transmission protocols, adaptive for integration connection