Zen IoT

Datalogger Define Zen IoT
  • Datalogger Define Zen IoT

Zen IoT

Universal Cloud

Technical specifications

<±1.0% FSO
Room temperature
from –40°C to 80°C
from –40°C to 80°C
Relative humidity
5–85% RH max, non-condensing


Designed for industrial and commercial IoT monitoring and interface applications where reliability, rapid development and deployment are demanded. The Zen IoT hardware and monitoring solution delivers robust end to end field measurement to cloud service integration.

  • Industrially hardened design and direct process interface design
  • IoT edge processor with real-time OS
  • Sophisticated embedded input conditioning and control functions including signal processing filters and alarms
  • Modular construction supports up to 22 measurement inputs, 8 analog output channels and up to 40 digital IO (including up to 7 relays)
  • Low power optimized design