Serie 310

Sauermann 310 Series sensor transmitter
  • Sauermann 310 Series sensor transmitter
Multi parameter

Serie 310

Universal Multiprobe



The CA 310 is a multifunction sensor with interchangeable probes and a large display. It can measure three parameters (for example humidity, temperature and pressure).
Consists of:

  • alternate display of 1-3 parameters
  • interchangeable probe input
  • slot for SPI-2 or MVA swappable card
  • three audible and visual (dual-color LED) alarms
  • three analog outputs and 3 switching relays
  • calibration report

The C 310 is a multifunction transmitter that can be configured with interchangeable probes. It can measure and display up to four parameters simultaneously.
Consisting of:

  • SPI2 pressure board
  • two probe inputs
  • two analog outputs and four switching relays (optional)
  • Ethernet communication (optional) and MODBUS RS-485 protocol (optional)
  • calibration report