MaxiCAL PGS1V pressure calibrator
  • MaxiCAL PGS1V pressure calibrator
Clamp pumps



  • Pressure range from 0 to -900 mbar ( 28 inHg)
  • Sensitivity 0.05 mbar
  • Integrated long course volume adjuster
  • Bleed/vent valve
  • Dual port pressure outlet

Technical specifications

0 to -0.9 bar/28in hg
200 mm (L) X 35 mm diameter - 400g
Pressure Connection
T piece suitable for 4 x6 mm hose and 300 mm hose supplied


The PGS1V Calibration hand pump have been designed for generating vacuum or low pressure with an high degree of sensitivity and they are particular suitable for applying precise and stable low pressure values to differential pressure transmitters or pressure gauges.

The long course volume control allow to increase and decrease pressure with-out loosing any volume. It also allow to adjust pressure with-in 0.05 mbar resolution.

The PGS1V is supplied with the "T" piece dual hose connector which allow dual pressure output for both the UUT (Unit under Test) and the reference instrument. The size of the the"T" pcs is suitable for the 4x6 mm pressure hose which is the industry standard size.