P Series

Fotric P Series Portable Thermal Imager
  • Fotric P Series Portable Thermal Imager

P Series

FOTRIC P-series thermal imaging camera

  • Renders pristine image sharpness and unlocks unmatched accuracy for your inspection work
  • The LCD display faithfully reproduces the full sRGB color gamut
  • Magnifies subtle differences
  • Optimizes the distribution of color pixels to improve the line prominence of the image.
Thermal Sensitivity:

Technical specifications

Temperature/measure field
Up to 2000°C: -20℃ ~ 120℃, 0℃ ~ 700℃ Extendable to -40℃ and 2000℃
Image resolution
Up to 1280*1024
LCD display accurately reproduces the full sRGB color gamut
Measurement accuracy
±1 % - Maintain accuracy at any ambient temperature


The FOTRIC P series offers thermal resolutions up to 1280 x 1024, outstanding image quality and accuracy for inspections. Thanks to the optional dual view lens, there will be no need to carry or change lenses, saving time and space.

The P-series thermal imaging cameras boast world-class performance with an image uniformity of <1°C and a sensitivity of <30mk. It also includes on-device power analysis and a laser area measurement function.

Plus, these cameras are compatible with advanced software such as NaviTiR and IRexplorer, revolutionizing the way inspections use thermal cameras. Get the most out of your inspection work with the P-Series.